An A-Line Skirt for All Occasions

An A-Line Skirt for All Occasions

When you try to imagine an A-line skirt, you probably picture a short skirt that flares outward from a trim waistline. This is the most identifiable type of A-line skirt, but it is far from being the only one. It may not even be the most common one, as A-line silhouettes from Leonard Street Women’s Clothes pop up everywhere in fashion. You probably wear them all the time without realizing it, though you surely notice how good you look in one of these garments.

An A-line skirt amplifies all of the good qualities of a woman’s figure while downplaying the parts she does not want to highlight. It makes her waist look smaller and her hips appear curvier. The right skirt can even add curves to a straighter athletic figure. When the skirt is made out of a stiffer fabric, it holds a dramatic shape defined by straight lines. When the fabric is a softer knit material, the skirt will fall in soft billows. This is one of the many reasons why an A-line skirt might be hiding in plain sight. It’s doing the work of flattering your figure in a fabric or a length that you do not usually associate with an A-line skirt.

A-line skirts are a permanent feature in all types of dresses. From year to year, the A-line silhouette is one of the very few trends that never seems to be phased out. A-line skirts look good with all sorts of sleeve lengths and necklines, provided that everything is balanced appropriately. For example, a longer A-line skirt looks great with spaghetti straps and short sleeves. An A-line skirt also goes well with long sleeves when the neckline is low. The only risk when wearing A-line skirts is having too much fabric involved. High crew necks do not pair well with A-line skirts for this reason.

Layering over A-line skirts by Leonard Street can be tricky due to the way they flare out. A longer jacket that pulls the skirt in can create odd bulges and folds. This can be mitigated by wearing a short skirt and a longer outer layer. As for layering underneath A-line skirts, that is easy once you get the hang of it. Everything fits under this type of skirt. You just have to use your best judgment and avoid adding too much bulk.

A-line skirts are the universal fashion equalizer. There is an A-line skirt for every woman; she just has to find the length, fabric and styling tricks that will help her utilize this skirt to show her body at its best.

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