Best Kids Furniture

How to Choose the Best Furniture for Your Kids

Your children are only young once, but they’re going to remember their childhood room forever. If you can create a fun room for them, they’ll love coming home from school every day. In addition to making their bedroom enjoyable, you also need to make it safe and ensure that it meets their needs. Here are a few tips for picking out the best kids furniture.

Penny bed - double

1. Pick a theme.

The theme of your child’s bedroom and the kids furniture you pick can be general or specific. For example, you may want to create a cohesive theme around a color scheme. Or, you may want to design the bedroom around your child’s favorite cartoon character or sport. Whatever theme you choose, having an idea in mind will make it a lot easier to choose Incy Interiors Kids furniture and décor.

2. Customize the furniture.

Even if you find excellent kids furniture that’s safe, functional and high quality, you may want to customize it further to truly go with the theme. For example, if you find a great dresser, you can replace the knobs with ones that resemble soccer balls if the room has a sports theme. If the theme is “princess” or “jungle,” you can add a canopy to the bed.

3. Add some fun.

While you need practical pieces of kids furniture, like a bed, dresser and desk, you should also mix in some fun elements if you have room. Create a play station or a paint area, for example. If the room is small and you’re working with limited space, try to make the functional items a bit more fun with bright colors or playful designs.

4. Choose classic pieces.

The basic pieces that make up a bedroom are the bed, desk and dresser. Your child will get use out of these pieces throughout their life, from elementary school through college. If possible, choose pieces that can withstand the test of time, and that will still suit their needs (and size) even as they grow. By picking out these standard pieces from the get-go, you can swap out the smaller furnishings and décor as they get older and their tastes change.

There are all sorts of ways to buy and arrange kids furniture at so that children feel like their room is safe and reflective of them. It’s also great if your kids can be part of choosing their furniture. They’ll feel a stronger connection to their bedroom and enjoy using the pieces that they had a part in choosing.

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