Gulgong Folk Festival

Getting to the Gulgong Folk Festival:

Gulgong is in the Central West district of New South Wales, appx. 300kms / 4 hours drive from Sydney.

By Car: From Sydney, drive through the Blue Mountains to Lithgow. Follow signs to Bathurst and soon after leaving Lithgow take the Mudgee turn off from the Great Western Highway. Follow the signs as you drive through Mudgee. Gulgong is half an hour north of Mudgee.

Floral Tops are Very Flattering

Floral Tops are Very Flattering

Women everywhere want to look good. They want to look polished as they head outside. Many women find that one of the best ways to look great is with the help of floral tops. Floral tops are flattering to any figure. Floral tops can help set off a woman’s lovely eyes and show off her long blond hair. Floral tops also work with many other kinds of clothing including plain slacks, a long skirt in a contrasting color and sweater in a complementary shade. The right outfit, with the right kind of Floral Tops Leonard Street, can go anywhere from a formal talk to a day at the beach. Many women look for floral tops that have the kind of details they like. Specifics such as color, cut and neckline are very important when it comes to picking out floral tops. Each element helps contribute to a look that is polished and sophisticated look.

Color is Essential

Color is an important part of any outfit. Many women look for floral tops that have a lovely pop of color. A bright shade of pink can help a woman feel happy even on a dreary day. A soft shade of yellow can help a woman feel like spring is on the way even when it’s cold outside. Many women look for floral tops that have many colors at the same time. A bold pattern is one way to make a charming fashion statement and show off a woman’s taste. A softer pattern can be ideal for the woman who prefers something that is more subtle and yet equally pleasing to the eye each day. Many women also look for tops that have a background in a plain, neutral color such as brown, grey or a shade of understated white.

Matching Accessories

Another important choice is matching the right accessories. Many women like to pair a floral top with a more muted pair of earrings or a pair of pants in a shade such as navy. Navy blue pants or a navy blue sweater can help call more attention to the patterned top. A set of bracelets in gold or silver can also look great when paired with this kind of choice in outfits. Many women love thinking about how best to make the look work. Pumps in a shade of black also work well to help keep the focus on the top. A pair of sneakers or moccasins is also a good choice for the woman who wants to keep it simple. Attention to detail and thinking about how best to create looks that work from top to bottom is crucial. A woman who is well turned out can turn heads. Find more women’s clothing at

An A-Line Skirt for All Occasions

An A-Line Skirt for All Occasions

When you try to imagine an A-line skirt, you probably picture a short skirt that flares outward from a trim waistline. This is the most identifiable type of A-line skirt, but it is far from being the only one. It may not even be the most common one, as A-line silhouettes from Leonard Street Women’s Clothes pop up everywhere in fashion. You probably wear them all the time without realizing it, though you surely notice how good you look in one of these garments.

An A-line skirt amplifies all of the good qualities of a woman’s figure while downplaying the parts she does not want to highlight. It makes her waist look smaller and her hips appear curvier. The right skirt can even add curves to a straighter athletic figure. When the skirt is made out of a stiffer fabric, it holds a dramatic shape defined by straight lines. When the fabric is a softer knit material, the skirt will fall in soft billows. This is one of the many reasons why an A-line skirt might be hiding in plain sight. It’s doing the work of flattering your figure in a fabric or a length that you do not usually associate with an A-line skirt.

A-line skirts are a permanent feature in all types of dresses. From year to year, the A-line silhouette is one of the very few trends that never seems to be phased out. A-line skirts look good with all sorts of sleeve lengths and necklines, provided that everything is balanced appropriately. For example, a longer A-line skirt looks great with spaghetti straps and short sleeves. An A-line skirt also goes well with long sleeves when the neckline is low. The only risk when wearing A-line skirts is having too much fabric involved. High crew necks do not pair well with A-line skirts for this reason.

Layering over A-line skirts by Leonard Street can be tricky due to the way they flare out. A longer jacket that pulls the skirt in can create odd bulges and folds. This can be mitigated by wearing a short skirt and a longer outer layer. As for layering underneath A-line skirts, that is easy once you get the hang of it. Everything fits under this type of skirt. You just have to use your best judgment and avoid adding too much bulk.

A-line skirts are the universal fashion equalizer. There is an A-line skirt for every woman; she just has to find the length, fabric and styling tricks that will help her utilize this skirt to show her body at its best.

Cool Women’s Jumpsuits

Cool Women’s Jumpsuits

When most people think of a jumpsuit, they are either reminded of the 1970s era or they envision a man fixing a telephone pole in his work uniform. While this trend has come in and out of fashion over the years, the jumpsuit has recently been given a second chance. Fashion stylists and industry experts now consider a jumpsuit a classic, must-have basic that every woman needs in her wardrobe.

Jumpsuits are one of the most versatile clothing options; they offer instant head-to-toe dressing with one simple garment. They can be dressed up or down in a variety of ways, and there are even summer jumpsuit options with shorts in lieu of pants. Jumpsuits can be sleeveless or have short or long sleeves. They typically feature a wrap-style surplice neck, an empire waist and relaxed-leg attached trousers. They will often have a hidden side or back zip detail, which makes it easy to take the garment off and put it on. Some of the more trendy jumpsuit styles will feature an elasticized band that creates a blouson-style waist, and other jumpsuits showcase a slim-leg silhouette. You can find at Leonard Street Jumpsuits here

Jumpsuits can be worn very casual or very dressy. When paired with a basic jean jacket and some athletic shoes, a jumpsuit quickly becomes a comfortable and casual garment that can be worn around town while running errands. A black silk jumpsuit looks glamorous and sophisticated when paired with chandelier earrings and stiletto heels at a New Year’s Eve party at a swanky club.

The bohemian and festival trends are having a major fashion moment. Floral jumpsuits with ruffle details, crinkle gauze textures and crochet flaps are being seen all over the runway and in major department stores. Many women believe that jumpsuits only look good if you are tall; this could not be farther from the truth. Slinky jumpsuits with a palazzo leg, in solid black, complement every woman’s figure.

You can easily layer other pieces over or under a jumpsuit for added versatility. Blazers, moto jackets and bomber-style jackets look great with jumpsuits. Pair striped, long sleeve cotton shirts under short sleeve jumpsuits in the winter months for a casual look. Long tunic sweaters can be worn over jumpsuits to change up the entire look. No one will suspect you are wearing a jumpsuit at all; it will appear as if you have paired your favorite cozy sweater with a pair of classic trousers.

Every stylish wardrobe needs a couple of Jumpsuits Leonard Street. Whether you prefer classic black or love the femininity of bold colors, florals or wild prints, jumpsuits can take you from a day at the office to a night out on the town with friends or a special someone.

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The Wrap Dress

The Famous Wrap Dress

There are a few styles of clothing that every woman should have in her wardrobe from season to season. While it is important to update your wardrobe by adding a few on-trend pieces to your closet each year, the fact is that trends come and go. If you invest in a few well-made, classic and timeless basics, you will have a solid wardrobe foundation filled with go-to pieces you can always reach for; these pieces will work with your transitional, seasonal and trendy pieces effortlessly. The Womens Clothes Leonard Street is a style that flatters every woman’s figure and can be worn year round.

A wrap dress features a surplice neckline and an empire waist that flatters all women. It will typically have a fit-and-flare silhouette and sometimes have a tie belt or feature a stitched mock wrap style. The empire-waist stitching falls right below the bust, giving women the illusion of a small waist. The surplice neckline draws the eye and focus up to a woman’s neck and face.

A wrap dress can come in a multitude of fabric blends and sleeve lengths. A stretchy and slinky wrap dress is ideal for the warmer months, and a ponte-knit wrap dress is a a great choice for winter. In the warm months of summer, you can pair a wrap dress with some fun espadrille wedges or flat sandals and a statement-making necklace. As the weather cools, wrap dresses can be layered under long duster cardigans and paired with tall-shaft boots and warm blanket scarves.

Wrap dresses are also ideal for business-casual office environments. They look smart, sophisticated and professional when paired with a cardigan, some pumps and some subtle jewelry. If your office has more of strict dress code, wrap dresses can also be layered over a silk shell and worn under a blazer for a polished look.

Famed clothing designer Diane Von Furstenberg launched her career in the 1970s on the backbone of her famous wrap dress style. To this day, this signature dress is still a top-seller in her collection. Made from a slinky material, it has cropped sleeves and comes in bold patterns and colors that flatter every woman’s figure.

For a fun and unexpected look, pair your favorite wrap dresses with bomber or moto jackets and low-top athletic wear for an urban style. Jean jackets and ballet flats can make the wrap dress by Leonard Street feel more casual and laid back.

Whether you enjoy bold prints and vivid colors in your wardrobe or prefer a more monochromatic look and gravitate towards solid colors, a wrap dress is a wardrobe staple. Layer it over or under your other favorite pieces in your closet to create a plethora of fun looks.

Women’s Tunic is a Wardrobe Necessity

A Women’s Tunic is a Wardrobe Necessity

Women like having many choices when it comes to what to wear. Many women want to have shelves full of clothing that enable them to rise to any occasion. One piece of clothing that many women love is a women’s tunic. A women’s tunic is a piece of clothing that can work for any kinds of occasions from the formal evening party to a day with friends at the beach. A women’s tunic also works well with many types of bottoms including informal jeans, a long skirt or a mini skirt. The women’s tunic also has many other kinds of advantages. It helps cover many kinds of figure flaws, allowing any woman to look long and lean. A women’s tunic also helps create a color block that can help a woman show off her personality in a single glance. The longer look of the shirt is one way that a woman can create drama and flair.

Tailoring is Important

For many women, a women’s tunic with lots of tailoring is ideal for their needs. A tunic that has a close set neckline can pair well with lots of other types of clothing including a pair of well tailored pants or a skirt with lots of understated and yet flattering details. The sleeves are also important. A Leonard Street Women’s Clothes with sleeves that fit at the wrists can help her call attention to her well manicured nails and her beautiful wedding ring. A shorter women’s tunic can also work perfectly when paired with an equally tailored skirt. Tailoring means clothing that fits a woman’s body. For the tunic, this means that shirt that falls well from the top of the collarbone to the ends of the hips. It also means one that helps bring attention to body parts that a woman wants to show off.

Other Details

Other details are also crucial. A Leonard Street Women’s Tunic can be intended for less formal occasions. In that case, the tunic should have a more relaxed feel. A tunic made from materials that are easy to wash like linen can help create a look that is ideal for a day out with friends along the shore or for a picnic at a local park. Look for hot weather tunics to add to a wardrobe that have shorter sleeves that can be pulled in the summer heat. In colder weather, many women turn to tunics with longer sleeves that provide extra warmth all day long. A tunic can be a highly versatile item that any women can wear all year long no matter what she’s doing. The tunic helps a woman set up the rest of her wardrobe and create an easy, breezy look.