Gulgong Folk Festival

Getting to the Gulgong Folk Festival:

Gulgong is in the Central West district of New South Wales, appx. 300kms / 4 hours drive from Sydney.

By Car: From Sydney, drive through the Blue Mountains to Lithgow. Follow signs to Bathurst and soon after leaving Lithgow take the Mudgee turn off from the Great Western Highway. Follow the signs as you drive through Mudgee. Gulgong is half an hour north of Mudgee.

Kids Chairs Safety

What to Look for in Kids’ Chairs

When you decorate your child’s room, you will have to choose many different types of furniture to accommodate the room. One of the most important pieces of furniture you’ll have to select, however, is kids’ chairs. While all children’s furniture should be chosen with care, you’ll need to spend special care on choosing kids’ chairs.

Put Safety First when Choosing Kids’ Chairs

First things first, when it comes to choosing kids’ chairs, make sure you choose chairs that are safe and that are specifically designed for children.

For example, you want kids’ chairs by Incy Interiors that aren’t going to topple over on a child. And, if they do, you want them to be lightweight enough to avoid injury.

Kids’ chairs should also be made from safe materials, such as no lead paint. For this reason, you may wish to buy your kids’ chairs from Australian or American sellers, not from other countries where the safety standards are not quite so high.

Remember, your child is going to be using the product you choose, so you have to put his or her safety first as you do your shopping.

Consider Your Child’s Opinion

When you shop, it can be tempting to just choose the items that you like and that you feel blend in well with your child’s room decor.

However, at the end of the day, the chairs you are buying are for your child. Thus, you want to ensure your child will actually like and use them.

So, go ahead and get your child involved in the shopping process. Allow your child to voice his or her opinion about which chairs are liked and which ones are duds. This is the best way to ensure you end up with a chair your child will use more than once.

Put Durability Above All Else

Finally, as you shop, remember that kids can be tough on chairs. They like to stand on them, climb on them, and use them in their games.

As such, always go for quality, durable construction. Even if it means spending more money, you want a chair that is going to last, and strength is a must when it comes to kids.

As you can see, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to selecting the perfect chairs and other furniture for your children from However, if you can keep these helpful tips in mind, you should have no problem choosing kids’ furniture and kids’ chairs that will last you for many years to come.

Hugo ottoman

New baby furniture

baby furniture

Welcoming a new baby into any home is a source of great delight. Babies have needs. A parent needs storage in the room to keep the baby’s clothing as well other things such as nappies. Other items can also be of use such as a rocking chair and crib where the baby can nap and sleep at night. A parent may also want to have other types of baby furniture at Incy Interiors such as chairs that other children can sit on as they stay in the room while mommy tends to the new arrival. Many parents also want to have baby furniture that looks beautiful and yet is also highly functional at the same time. This way, the room can be changed as the baby grows up or the parent has more children.

Storage Space

Storage space is crucial in any baby’s room. A parent needs to have space where they can keep items such as a diaper bag, a stroller, toys and a car seat when not in use. Babies may also require many changes of clothing each day. The parent will need to have enough storage space to get them through the day and then into the night as they care for the little one. Many types of storage are available. A large chest of drawers not only looks great but can also be used as the baby grows up. A table and chairs can also be used by several people in the room who may be caring for the baby.

A Place to Sleep

Babies sleep a lot. They need a comfortable, safe place to sleep. Many parents will buy a cradle they can use as soon as they bring the baby home. Cradles can also be passed down and used for many generations. As the baby grows, many parents opt to use a crib. Baby cribs come in many styles and shapes at Look for crib that’s easy to open and close while holding the baby. Many such cribs can also be turned into a bed as the baby grows up. A convertible crib makes it easy to transition the baby to a new room of their own as it gets older.


Many parents also look for a place where they can rock the baby to sleep. A rocking chair is an ideal piece of baby furniture. Look for rocking chairs that are comfortable when seated. Rocking chairs come in many colors as well as styles. A traditional rocking chair painted in white is an ideal choice for many parents. Others may opt for a glider that lets them enjoy a soft back and forth motion as they hold the baby late at night. In addition to the rocking chair, many parents also opt for a match footstool where they can place their feet. The footstool can make it easier to rock the baby. It can also provide a place for an older child to sit and help mommy with the new baby.

Lucy change table

Best Kids Furniture

How to Choose the Best Furniture for Your Kids

Your children are only young once, but they’re going to remember their childhood room forever. If you can create a fun room for them, they’ll love coming home from school every day. In addition to making their bedroom enjoyable, you also need to make it safe and ensure that it meets their needs. Here are a few tips for picking out the best kids furniture.

Penny bed - double

1. Pick a theme.

The theme of your child’s bedroom and the kids furniture you pick can be general or specific. For example, you may want to create a cohesive theme around a color scheme. Or, you may want to design the bedroom around your child’s favorite cartoon character or sport. Whatever theme you choose, having an idea in mind will make it a lot easier to choose Incy Interiors Kids furniture and décor.

2. Customize the furniture.

Even if you find excellent kids furniture that’s safe, functional and high quality, you may want to customize it further to truly go with the theme. For example, if you find a great dresser, you can replace the knobs with ones that resemble soccer balls if the room has a sports theme. If the theme is “princess” or “jungle,” you can add a canopy to the bed.

3. Add some fun.

While you need practical pieces of kids furniture, like a bed, dresser and desk, you should also mix in some fun elements if you have room. Create a play station or a paint area, for example. If the room is small and you’re working with limited space, try to make the functional items a bit more fun with bright colors or playful designs.

4. Choose classic pieces.

The basic pieces that make up a bedroom are the bed, desk and dresser. Your child will get use out of these pieces throughout their life, from elementary school through college. If possible, choose pieces that can withstand the test of time, and that will still suit their needs (and size) even as they grow. By picking out these standard pieces from the get-go, you can swap out the smaller furnishings and décor as they get older and their tastes change.

There are all sorts of ways to buy and arrange kids furniture at so that children feel like their room is safe and reflective of them. It’s also great if your kids can be part of choosing their furniture. They’ll feel a stronger connection to their bedroom and enjoy using the pieces that they had a part in choosing.

Top-Tier Kids Chairs

How to Select Top-Tier Kids Chairs

Impulsive decisions can be a source of significant regret for many parents in the modern world. Parents nowadays are busier than they’ve ever been before. That’s still no excuse not to take things seriously. Fortunately, the bulk of parents in this world are devoted, patient and accommodating people. They want to do right by their children no matter what. It doesn’t matter if they’re preparing for a getaway for their children. It doesn’t matter if they’re simply buying furniture pieces for their bedrooms. Parents care about their children with every fiber of their beings. If you’re a parent who wants to make terrific decisions about kids chairs, you don’t have to feel panic. Shopping for all kinds of kids chairs at  can be a pretty efficient and streamlined process. If you want to make intelligent kids chair choices, you have to be 100 percent thorough. That means that you shouldn’t try to skip any important parts.

The term ‘kids chairs’ can be pretty meaningless. The word ‘kid’ is pretty broad. You can use it to describe a tiny five year-old. You can use it just as easily to describe a 12 year-old as well. That’s why you should emphasize the importance of chair size during the selection process. You can do this by getting your child’s height and weight. You can do this by concentrating on chair sizes, too. Don’t be afraid to talk to your child’s doctor for additional suggestions. Pediatricians often can provide parents with strong chair recommendations. Be sure to inform the doctor of your specific concerns and aims. If you want a chair that can provide your child with excellent armrests, just say the word. If you want a chair that can accommodate your tall child’s rapidly growing and already long legs, just say the word, too. You shouldn’t ever go into any chair buying project without sufficient knowledge and preparation.

Look around at other kids chairs you see. If you’re a parent, chances are you know others who are in your boat. You may have many coworkers who have kids. You may have many neighbors who do as well. If you want to buy a chair for your child that’s tried and tested, then you should keep your eyes wide open at all times. If you spot any chair for a child that piques your interest in any way, ask it about it as soon as possible. You may learn about a great option for you and for your kiddo.
Hugo settee
Don’t assume that shopping for kids chairs is something that should only take you a day or two. It can actually be a pretty lengthy process for many parents. Parents should browse all of their options in brick and mortar stores. They should even turn to the Internet. There are many online shops that have sizable selections of kids chairs, such as 

If you’re waiting for kids chairs that are resilient, dependable, modern and high in quality in general, make no mistake. There are plentiful terrific choices around.

Kids Beds Types

kids beds

A bed is a highly personal item. Many people think about beds. Just as adults think about the kind of bed they want, the same is true of kids beds. parents want kids beds that fit in well in the kid’s room. They also want kids beds that the kid likes. In general, kids beds at come in several basic types of materials. These materials include beds that are made from metal. They also include beds that are made from wood that has carved lines or straight lines. Today’s modern kids beds may also include other types of materials such as fabric that may be used in the creation of the bed’s headboard and the foot board.

Metal Beds
Eden bed - single
Metal is a highly popular kind of choice in kids beds. Metal is ideal in that it will stand up to many years of wear and tear and still look great. Metal beds can also be fashioned in varied types of beds. A metal bed with straight lines looks great in a young boy’s room. Girls may prefer to have a metal bed of their own with lines that have a bit of a curve to them. Parents can find such beds in varied finishes including colors such as bronze and black as well as white and even pink. Metal beds are a good choice for those who are looking for something that is timeless and likely to work well when the child wants to bring the bed with them to an adult apartment.

Wood Beds

While metal beds are much used, another type of bed is the wood bed. Wood beds are typically made from one of several different kinds of woods including ash and hickory.  kids beds made from wood are very versatile. A parent can often specify the kind of details they like best for the best. For example, a parent may decide that the wood bed should have both a foot board and a headboard. They can also decide that the bed should have boards on top of the bed that enable the occupant to create a private canopy with fabric for additional privacy and imaginative play.

Other Kinds of Beds

Some kinds of beds for kids are made from other types of materials or a combination of materials. Many modern and contemporary styles of kids beds use both metal and wood. A bed may also have a headboard that is made from soft cotton so the child can sit up and read in bed at night. These beds often make an excellent choice for the child who likes a more modern style in their room. The parent can also decide to commission a specific bed for their child. This allows them even more flexibility and enables them to create a style that truly fits the personality of the room and their child’s personality. When the child has a bed they really like, the net result is a bed that works well for them in every single respect.